DVR 2000E
  • DVR 2000E

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DVR 2000E

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Voltage Regulation.

0.25% for precise voltage control
on most applications. Voltage drift less than 0.5% for
40°C ambient temperature change (15 to 70°C range).
Output Power. 3.0 ADC, 75 VDC, 225 watts,
maximum continuous rating; 7.5 ADC, 150 VDC,
1125 watts forcing for one (1) minute.
Exciter Field DC Resistance.

Nominal hot resistance
18 to 25 ohms.
Voltage Adjustment.

Minimum of ±10% of nominal
voltage range. Remote adjustment can be made up to
150 feet from voltage regulator.
50 or 60 Hz Operation. No reconnection required for
frequency change.
Power Input.

180–240 volts AC, 200–360 hertz
PMG supply.
Wide Operating Temperature Range. -40°C to +70°C
covers all normal operating environments. Regulator
“latches” off when +70°C is exceeded.
Loss of Sensing Shutdown.

Protects the generator
against uncontrolled voltage output when the sensing
circuit to the regulator is opened. Regulator shuts
down when the sensing circuit to the regulator does
not find continuity. Regulator also shuts down when
voltage unbalance exeeds 20% for a specified duration,
adjustable by the user.
Overexcitation Shutdown.

Protects the generator
against damage caused by prolonged field forcing.
Paralleling Mode.

Paralleling for multiple generator
setups is standard. Simply add 5 VA current
transformers for parallel operation in “droop” or “cross
current” compensation.
Shock. Withstands up to 20 Gs in each of three (3)
perpendicular planes.
Vibration. Withstands 0.036 inch peak, 27–52 Hz;
1 G from 5–26 Hz and 5.0 Gs from 53–500 Hz.
Multiple Use of Current Transformers.

The same
current transformers can be used for multiple functions.
The voltage regulator does not require separate
transformers for paralleling or metering.